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Our Story

We understand that In-App protection is crucial to preserve and improve business reputation. We believe every organization should be able to get the most out of their mobile applications without incurring unnecessary risks.

When mobile applications are attacked, businesses observe irreversible consequences. This is because when the user data is stolen, the customers become over conscious about their security and privacy and leave the business. As a result, the businesses face a severe risk of regulatory compliance violations and bad publicity. If the business fails to overcome the vulnerabilities in the mobile applications and the attack lasts for a long time, it can cause irreparable damage to the business.

At SecIron, we ensure the production of mobile applications from the invasions of hackers using cutting edge security solutions and playing our part in making the online world a safer and secure place.

Why Choose Us

SecIron was founded in 2010 by a team specialist and experts in the field of Mobile Application Security across Asia. Today, we are a leading provider of mobile app security solutions, offering an end-to-end mobile app security service and solution that helps enterprises and organizations identify, prevent and mitigate mobile app security risks. 

We are committed to creating a secured mobile future through innovation and development of Mobile Application Security technologies in safeguarding business and communities from cybercriminals and mobile threats.

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Our Success

We take pride in our achievements as a leader in mobile application security across Asia, delivering the ultimate security solutions to our highly satisfied customers across diverse brands and industries.

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Our Mission

Our passion for security drives us to make the world a safer place, one mobile application at a time. We partner closely with businesses to deliver effective solutions that enable them to leverage the full potential of mobile technology while protecting against threats. 

With a culture of excellence and a passion for security, we aim to make the world a safer and secure place.