IronWALL Security for HTML5

IronWALL Security for HTML5

HTML5 (H5) is one of the most important technologies in Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Due to the strong support of industry manufacturers, HTML5 develops rapidly. Many new features and functions of HTML5 make it easy for developers to create powerful web applications, but it also brings some new security risks.

Detailed Introduction

The H5 hardening service provides comprehensive security protection technology for H5 applications without code changes. It can effectively prevent malicious attacks such as decompiling, debugging, tampering, fraud, interface phishing and other malicious attacks against JS files in H5 applications. It significantly reduces various security risks which are caused by H5's own security defects.

At the same time, in order to meet the security needs of customers and simplify the operation of customers, H5 hardening has a variety of service modes such as cloud service and local deployment, and realizes the flexible configuration management of reinforcement technology strategy. According to the actual security demands of H5 applications, the differentiated reinforcement protection strategy can be customized.

Core Features Overview

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