IronWALL App Security for iOS

IronWALL App Security for iOS

SecIron IronWALL application hardening platform provides application hardening for Apple iOS IPAs built on the Apple Build Tool platform. Our next generation technology utilizes Dynamic & Static Protection, Integrity Protection and Runtime Data Protection.

Detailed Introduction

Reinforced Security for Apple iOS Apps

Complete security hardening suite for Apple iOS applications, designed to secure at the heart of the string-codes of your IPA package. Strengthen your apps with next-gen virtual machine source code protection technology for hardening codes and RASP that encrypts, obfuscates, and dynamically protects iOS apps, making it exceptionally complex to reverse engineer and crack iOS apps directly with any tool.

Codeless Hardening in 3-Steps

Upload compiled mobile app
Select security policies
Download secured mobile app

Protecting Digital Businesses

Adopt security best-practices and bridge the divide between customers with Trust and Confidence. Protect your Apple iOS applications with a defensive perimeter and real-time application environment protection from cybersecurity threats, giving users a better mobile app experience and boosting brand reputation.

Security & Privacy Across End-Devices

From iPhone, iPad, MacBook’s and IoT linked devices, our solutions are innovated to make it incredibly complex for the unscrupulous to crack into Apple iOS IPA packaged application environment. Our application hardening core prevents both static and dynamic attacks through complex encryption coding's at the bit-code IR, ensuring business resources and sensitive information safe is your upmost priority.

Self - Protecting Capabilities

Never worry about incoming threats and suspicious activities ever again. SecIron’s IronWALL monitors and safeguards your mobile apps with the latest in Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology. Malicious incoming activities are monitored and quickly blocked from access, preventing any tampering's and changes to your application.

Deploy Secured Apps Faster

Our enterprise-grade no-code security platform allows for quicker deployment without the necessary coding knowledge, allowing you to speed-up your projects and scale-to-markets faster.

Evolving Solutions to Combat Future Threats

IronWALL application hardening platform is designed as a one-stop solution for securing Apple iOS IPA packaged applications against current and incoming future threats. Future-proof security innovations and deep-core algorithms on a multi-layered set of hardened codes prevents fraud activities, mobile app tampering, reverse engineering, fake apps, trojans, malicious modifications, cracking and hacking, debugging and more.

Virtual-Machine Coding

Source codes for project built on the Apple Build Tools are compiled into our VM - SecIron virtual machine instruction, increasing the complexity for the iOS IPA files to be decompiled into readable source using any tools.

String Encryption Protection

Prevent applications from static analysis by encrypting string-codes defined in every file in the package, performing integrity checking & verification during application runtime.

De-Compilation Prevention

Binary code protection against de-compilation and reverse analysis tools, preventing attackers from creating pseudo-codes.

Source Code Obfuscation

By processing and analysing your source code project built on the Apple Build Tools, we inject source code that obfuscates with features such as anti-debugging, anti-Hook, integrity protection and string encryption.

Runtime Anti-Debugging

Run-time Application Self-Protection (RASP) prevents attackers from dynamically analysing the logic of the App through debugging.

Tamper Protection

Prevent applications from being tampered by encrypting every file in the APK package, including resource files and integrity checking & verification during application runtime.

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Reduce Attack Surfaces and Take Control

more devices circulating the globe than people
of users’ mobile time is spent on mobile apps
of mobile apps are built without security features

Security on Every Phase of App Development

No matter which development phase your brands mobile application development is at, we at SecIron believe that it is never too late to start securing your business, company, and digital assets. Our security solutions are personalized for each brand in meeting every scope of the project requirements.

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