IronWALL App Security for SDKs

IronWALL App Security for SDKs

Secure your Android & iOS Software Development Kits (SDK) with SecIron IronWALL application hardening platform against current and future threats without having to change any source code with our codeless security solution.

Detailed Introduction

Complete Safeguarding for Enterprise Apps

Develop, build, and harden Android and iOS SDKs with a full-stack security solution that takes away the complexity and dynamism in integrating security protocols onto your SDKs. Simple yet powerful, SecIron’s IronWALL hardening solution prevents unwanted activities and tampering's such as decompiling, code stealing, dynamic debugging, virus Trojan embedding, malicious advertisement embedding and more on the SDK.

Codeless Hardening in 3-Steps

Upload compiled mobile SDKs
Select security policies
Download secured mobile SDKs

Deliver Comprehensive Software Offerings

Create a secure and flexible mobility platform that prevents threat actors from tampering or reverse engineering. Solidify your brands software offerings to market and reduce vulnerabilities that may be an opportunistic point for attackers. IronWALL delivers next-gen multi-layered encryptions and Runtime Application security technology.

Security & Privacy Across End-Devices

Build Self Development Kits (SDK) with secured protection against static analysis and counter dynamic attacks by integrating hardened encryptions and layered coding’s. Prevent tampering or reverse engineering on SDKs and protect applications on endpoint devices.

Self - Protecting Capabilities

Never worry about incoming threats and suspicious activities ever again. SecIron’s IronWALL safeguards your mobile apps with the latest in Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology. Malicious incoming activities are monitored and quickly blocked from access, preventing any tampering's and changes to your application runtime environment.

Deploy Secured SDKs Faster

Our enterprise-grade no-code security platform allows for quicker deployment without the necessary coding knowledge, allowing you to speed-up your projects and scale-to-markets faster.

Protection Features for Developers

IronWALL application hardening platform is designed with simplicity for mobile app developers to create secured Android & iOS SDKs without having to worry about the implementations. Future-proof security innovations and deep-core algorithms on a multi-layered set of hardened codes guards against OWASP Top 10 mobile application risks.

Reverse Engineering Protection

Harden and obfuscate SDK build codes from possible tampering and repackaging by strengthening files with shield protection.


Make it impossible for threat actors to run your application in virtual environments to read your source codes and apps functionality. Any detection of modifications to the SDK codes will trigger our core anti-debugging security protocols.

App Binding

App binding makes the SDK solely bound to a specific application so that other unauthorised applications cannot use the functionalities that the SDK is providing.


Flexibility in publishing SDKs to market. Supported secured SDK output formats are available in all major formats for both Android and iOS.

Start Delivering Secured Launchpads Today

No matter which development phase your brands mobile application development is at, we at SecIron believe that it is never too late to start securing your business, company, and digital assets. Our security solutions are personalized for each brand in meeting every scope of the project requirements.

Launch with a Secured App Today

Get in touch with us to start discussing on how we can bring our expertise to your forefront. Our flexible, codeless solution will secure your applications in no-time.

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