IronSCAN Mobile Application Security Testing

IronSCAN Mobile Application Security Testing

The most advance and quick to deploy with superior analysis speed to determine vulnerabilities on Android and iOS mobile applications. Get better scan accuracy with a higher detection rate and lower false-positives, giving you accurate insights on privacy and security ratings.

Detailed Introduction

Black Box Approach in Mobile Apps Analysis

Get detailed information of your mobile app’s vulnerabilities with an easy-to-digest reporting format, such as app risk scoring and app behaviours. Relevant JSON technical analysis reports provide developers crucial information in pinpointing the exact application policies required to better diagnose malicious apps. SecIron’s IronSCAN gives you a full 360-degree view of your mobile applications security conditions.

Detect Vulnerabilities with Total Visibility

Search, discover and rectify security risks and issues in current mobile applications running on Android or Apple iOS. Run diagnostics based on OWASP Top 10 mobile application risks or run a customized specific app sweep to determine specific security conditions, IronSCAN guarantees a thorough analysis on the security state of your mobile apps. Measure everything from file tampering to malware injections so you can improve application performance with maximum security efficiency.

Automated Dynamic Scanning

Performs a comprehensive assessment of mainstream security issues that the application may face, and accurately pinpoint the source of these security issues and provide relevant solutions to combat cyber threats.

Lightning-Fast Reports

Efficient and convenient as many applications can be quickly and automatically tested in batches, while statistics can be collated for all the applications tested in the same batch.

Detect Static and Runtime Environment Risks

From checking applications internal run-time behaviours, vulnerabilities such as malicious penetration codes and risks of attacks on current APK implementation, get a holistic overview of your mobile apps security risks.

Secured Cloud Deployment

The platform supports both private and public cloud deployment, as well as direct access to the public cloud for delivery. It also supports system upgrades to respond to unexpected security issues in the Android market.

Assess Threat Levels Without Compromise

Get an entire view of attack surfaces from the hackers point-of-view. Autonomous Deep-Scanning allows for immediate remedial by identifying, investigating and prioritising known vulnerabilities. SecIron IronSCAN provides Enterprise-grade vulnerability coverage with an end-to-end vulnerability management solution.

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