IronSKY Active Threat Monitoring

IronSKY Active Threat Monitoring

Get real-time information of current threats across your entire endpoint devices and mobile applications in a holistic, data-agnostic dashboard so you can continuously improve on security deployments through actionable feedbacks.

Detailed Introduction

All-in-One Monitoring and Defense Solution

Obtain insightful information regarding app characteristics, understand the impact of frontend and backend cybersecurity threats, and gain the ability to dynamically react to mobile cybersecurity threats, and provide continuous visibility of the security status of your mobile apps.

Create the ultimate defence system for your mobile apps with an IT automation-based algorithm approach for detecting dynamic operational security issues and operational stability issues once mobile applications are launched and published. Give yourself a bird’s eye-view of your applications to monitor suspicious and malicious activities.

The Easiest Approach to Remediate Threats

Drones That Monitor in Real-Time

By embedding threat intelligence probes in mobile applications to collect security related data from the devices, systems, applications, and behaviours during application run-time, then combined with various model rules to track the source-attacking devices, attack methods, and attackers.

Continuous Optimization of Defenses

IronSKY platform plays the role of detection and prediction in the process of Adaptive Security Architecture (ASA) system construction. By conducting real-time dynamic analysis of security threats in a fine-grained, multi-angle and continuous approach, the system automatically adapts to the changing network and threat environment, and continuously optimizes its own security defence mechanism.

Integration with Enterprise Systems

We provide an API interface for threat data pull and push from the server-side, and support integration with your enterprise system.

Real-Time Dashboard with Unified Insights

Complete analysis and information-critical dashboard provides your team with unified insights that provides critical resource-based information in Real-Time. Statistics on security event trends, launch trends, crash trends, the types of threats and more are displayed.

Mobile Threat Detection with Virtual Machine Protection (VMP)

Dynamic Detection and Prevention

IronSKY platform plays the role of detection and prediction in the process of Adaptive Security Architecture (ASA)

Cyber-Crime Market Alert

Summarization of various attack characteristics of cybercrime activities and hacker tools stemming from the dark web.

Hacker’s Tracking

The platform supports pre-warning, mining, analysis, and APP account correlation analysis on cybercrime activities and hacker tools.

3rd Party SDK Control

Manage the permission usage of the third-party SDKs, and support the monitoring, blocking, and auditing of third-party SDKs

Attack Origin Tracing

View historical status of a single device and determine root cause of attack, tracking back attack modes and the login account associated.

Threat Correlation

Determine threats trends and patterns, whether it is originating from a particular single source or in a correlated location source, including total number of devices linked to the sourced network.

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