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Mobile application security plays a pivotal role in safeguarding sensitive government and public data against various types of cyberthreats. Mobile app security is critical in safeguarding data at rest, in transit and at use, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The mobile application security testing process helps organizations identify risks and vulnerabilities that may lead to a compromise of confidential data.

SecIron’s Solution

Safeguard National Interests & Government Data

The increased use of mobile technologies to deliver a more efficient public service delivery affectively increases the amount of personal and government data stored on mobile devices. This consequently makes mobile applications a lucrative target for cybersecurity threats as security vulnerabilities could be exploited by attackers to gain access to highly sensitive and classified government information and resources. Start implementing a mobile applications security (MAS) system in place to prevent occurrences and safeguard national interests.

National security is constantly at risks from cyber threats

A recent report published by CNBC offers a grueling insight into the state of the security of Southeast Asian governments. With increased espionages, spybots and intelligence gathering activities occurring. Take precautionary measures to safeguard national interests. Talk to us for a copy of our analysis report of your mobile application security condition. We at SecIron have over 10 years of experience in providing secured solutions for government bodies and public sector enterprises.

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Safeguarding public interests

Prevent unwanted activities to your mobile applications and secure them with state-of-the-art security solutions to combat malicious threats to public interests.

Alleviating security concerns at all levels

From different agencies to multi-department management, SecIron mobile applications security solutions safeguards personal and government data through using a multi-platform-based threat protection that Detects, Monitors, Prevents and Predicts in Real-Time. By using differentiating static and dynamic hardening to secure your applications systems, we create an impenetrable cyber defensive wall for your Digital services.

Reach global governing standards

Governments across the globe are initiating new governing standards and policies towards combating cybersecurity issues. As the uses of technology and mobile applications in government and public sectors continue to increase, legislative requirements are beginning to catch up in ensuring national security over personal and government data and resources.

Ensure the security of the nation

Prevent unwanted security breaches, spyware and malware bugs, account, and user information jacking, and much more by securing Digital Applications. Create a better, secured interconnectivity between agencies, bodies, and departments.

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