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Industry Introduction

With mobile commerce being the preferred choice across users globally and with the recent digitalization growth since 2020, the need for a dedicated mobile app security solution to prevent cyber attacks should be considered highly. By implementing high-end mobile app security, businesses can efficiently protect the data at rest and in motion that have been entrusted to them by their customers.

SecIron’s Solution

Protect online shopper’s & their digital journeys

Most online stores require their customers to provide highly sensitive financial and personal information to enhance the digital shopping experiences as well as for payment purposes. Give your shoppers and loyal customers the security they need so there is more confidence and trust of your digital business. Prevent digital security threats such as phishing and hooking of shopper's financial transactions, prevent data breaches of shopper’s private data from your digital assets, stop fake apps and direct incursion to your mobile applications.

Digital retail and Ecommerce apps are prone to cyber threats

From fake mobile shopping APKs to direct penetration of the mobile applications, our analysis shows that most of these apps are highly susceptible to security intrusions and may affect shoppers' experiences.

Talk to us for a copy of our analysis report of your Mobile Retail & Ecommerce Applications security condition. We at SecIron have over 10 years of experience in mitigating online security threats in the Ecommerce scene.

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Meeting shopper’s expectations

Our multi-platform mobile application security solutions safeguards your Digital Business and Online Shoppers without having to deal with complex coding with an autonomous monitoring and preventive solution that is backed by 24/7 runtime support.

Prioritize shoppers’ safety & privacy

Create a secured perimeter defense for your digital assets and shoppers at the same time. Prevent unwanted activities through our platforms Real-Time monitoring and prevention solution, solidify your mobile shopping application by encrypting hardened security codes and creates obfuscation for attackers.

Don’t fall back on compliances

Digital Businesses and Ecommerce retailers are required to adhere to strict local and international regulations in safeguarding customers privacy data, providing a secured digital environment and meeting industry standards. Our mobile apps security solutions provides your business with a worry-free, quick to deploy solutions that compliances are always met, every time.

Build shopper’s trust & digital branding

Shoppers rely on a trusted platform to conduct their transactions and purchases, as well as maintaining their private data secured. With security solutions in place, propel your brand to new heights in the digital landscape.

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