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Digital health has provided a new approach towards patient delivery, service, and data management. Utilization of mobile applications, web portals and other digital platforms have resulted in an accelerated growth in the healthcare sector. However, with the increase in adoption of digital health, challenges like data protection, data security and privacy have arisen due to lack of cybersecurity measures. By implementing end to end mobile app security solutions, healthcare industry players can ensure that medical records and other sensitive data are safeguarded.

SecIron’s Solution

Secured Digital Patient Services on mHealth apps

Today’s mobile-centric consumers are more involved with their healthcare services due to the surge in mobile technology over the years. From On-Demand health information, appointment bookings and directly engaging with healthcare professionals which are now widely conducted via mobile healthcare applications. The trust into digital mHealth services has made the industry highly prone to cybersecurity risks for both patients and providers.

40% of Healthcare Cybersecurity incidences occur on mobile apps

With the rush to jump into providing Digitalized Healthcare Services, healthcare providers are missing out a crucial element: Mobile Application Security. The fact that healthcare providers are being targeted at double the rate than other industries with increasing compromises being linked to mobile devices, the need to act swiftly is crucial.

Talk to us for a copy of our analysis report of your mobile application security condition. We at SecIron have over 10 years of experience in providing secured mobile application solutions throughout Asia.

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Safeguard patients’ digital journeys

Start securing your mHealth mobile applications against data breaches, man-in-the-middle attacks, and reverse engineering. Provide a high-level of assurance that your organizations mHealth app delivers value to patients, physicians, and other users through robust digital security.

Build mHealth apps with dedicated security

Whether your mHealth application is still under development or has been deployed, SecIron’s mobile apps security solutions are easily deployed through our hassle-free, code-less integration process. Start encrypting and embedding dedicated security code protocols that defends your mHealth applications from cyber threats. Utilize SecIron’s Real-Time RASP solution that monitors, detects, and responds to threats autonomously.

Meet local requirements and standards

New legislations on cybersecurity and data protection across global healthcare standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, H7 and more are requiring mobile health applications to meet strict security standards. Start creating an app that is secured not just from attackers, but on future requirements as well.

Increase patients trust level

It is very important to keep your users comfortable with the security of their data. A lack of trust will either make your current users inactive or uninstall the app, or deter prospective users from downloading the app.

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