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Industry Introduction

SaaS industry is paramount in today's highly interconnected world. The increasing adoption of mobile SDK integrations by SaaS providers for their customers creates multiple exposed surfaces for attacks by cyber threat actors. These actors capitalize on the exposure of these interfaces to collect data, hack into systems, and even potentially compromise end-user data. In today's environment, the entire SaaS infrastructure must be secured against cyber threats target a variety of vulnerable places within the ecosystem, including mobile devices, as well as individual end users.

SecIron’s Solution

Enterprise-Grade Mobile SaaS Application Security

Implement a robust, enterprise-grade mobile apps security solution in protecting your Cloud and mobile SaaS apps to prevent any data breaches, tampering of mobile apps, reverse engineering into fake apps and more. Keep your enterprise customers important data safe from potential cybersecurity threats without any of the downtime or runtime experiences. Create undeniable Trust and business bonding with state-of-the-art mobile apps security by SecIron.

About 9 out of 10 SaaS companies surveyed experienced data breaches

Most users utilize SaaS mobile applications via smart mobile devices to handle large amounts of sensitive data. This creates potential security risks such as vulnerabilities to new kinds of cybersecurity threats besides malware and phishing attacks.

Talk to us for a copy of our analysis report of your mobile application security condition. We at SecIron have over 10 years of experience in providing secured mobile application solutions throughout Asia.

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Concrete mobile endpoints for SaaS developers

Establish your SaaS brand as a pioneer in Cloud Data Management with SecIron mobile apps security solutions that delivers 360-degree protection from any attack points and backend enterprise systems, boosting customers trust of your platform and continued patronage.

Make Cloud data-banking impenetrable

Our mobile apps security technology utilizes the latest innovation in code encryption towards providing a holistic top-down approach to securing your mobile endpoints and web-server applications. Autonomously scan and detect threats, monitor threat activities surrounding your applications in Real-Time and deflect oncoming threats through static and dynamic code hardening protocols. Create a robust defensive perimeter against cybersecurity threats.

Create confidence with security features

Let users and potential leads know that your brand is dedicated in providing the highest-level of security features across your entire services offering. Create confidence and encourage your users for continued use of your platform without any downtime or security breaches.

Provide upscaled Trust and Value

Get accredited with security features and market them across your platforms and engagement points. Increase your brand standing by offering up-scaled security valued features across your services.

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