Financial Services

Financial services firms have adopted cloud and endpoint technology to enable seamless interactions across networks and between customer and employee devices. Without proper security measures in place, financial services firms are at risk of being impacted by cyberattacks.

Financial Services

Securing Financial Services

The financial services industry is considered the most vulnerable sector, where threats exist both outside the organization and internally through employee devices. Integrate a threat defense strategy to protect sensitive data and transactions with SecIron’s consolidated security architecture.


Dedicated protection for mobile financial applications

Secure your mobile apps from potential cybersecurity threats like reverse engineering, fake apps, screen jacking and more. Give your customers peace of mind and confidence that their financial data and user privacy are protected. Mobile financial apps are under constant attack from unscrupulous actors. This is an ongoing threat that continues to grow, as a breach of your application can be the gateway to great financial gain, whether in the form of data, fraud or extortion. In addition to these threats, regulations require strict compliance with online banking standards such as GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC2, Privacy Act and more.

Majority of mobile financial apps are vulnerable to security flaws!

We conducted our own penetration and vulnerability testing of Mobile Financial Applications across Asia and discovered that the majority of Mobile Financial Applications on the market today are vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches.

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