Utility services are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats as they rely more on digital solutions and mobile apps to provide better, safer, and more convenient experiences to customers. Cybercriminals aggressively target these platforms, exploiting potential software vulnerabilities. Utility services must implement effective cybersecurity measures to secure their ICT environment in order to protect customers and their data. Utility companies can provide a safe and dependable connected experience by securing their digital solutions and mobile apps.



Utility services today are increasing their reliance on digital solutions and mobile applications in providing better, safer and a more convenient experience for their customers. Cyber threat actors are aggressively targeting these platforms as a means to exploit the potential vulnerabilities of these digital solutions and mobile applications. As cybercriminals continue to develop more sophisticated attacks against utility clients, it is essential that they adopt an effective approach in securing their ICT environment and the data used in providing customers with a rich, connected experience.


Personalizing customer experiences with mobile apps

Utility companies today take advantage of mobile apps to provide a better, more personalized experiences compared to the days of emails, SMS, and direct mails. The ever-evolving mobile technologies provide organizations the opportunity to create utilities sector applications to directly engage and communicate with their customers. This however creates a high Window of Exposure (WoE) for utility companies with the increase in interconnectivity and interoperability between mobile devices and data servers, making cyberthreats a concern.

Global reports indicate 67% of Utility Applications have vulnerabilities

The likelihood of application security attacks versus ransomware attacks are much higher than before. As more business functions and customer services are digitalized mainly via mobile apps, threat actors often capitalize the vulnerabilities on end-user devices by breaching and injecting malwares into core system functions and databases.

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