Internet-of-Things (IoT)

As businesses embrace the latest Internet-of-Things (IoT) tech, they must address unique security challenges, including app-device interoperability vulnerabilities. Mobile app security solutions can secure business processes, product offerings, and customer trust in new services.

Internet-of-Things (IoT)

IoT Industry

IoT interoperability between apps and devices are one of the most vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. As businesses look to adopt the latest IoT technology into their product offerings and operations, they must become aware of the unique security challenges that come with it. By deploying dedicated application security solutions, businesses in the IoT industry stand to benefit greatly from mobile application security. Mobile application security solutions are key to ensuring the safety of these new services and to winning customers’ trust.


Secured interoperability between devices and apps

There is an inherent risk when connecting devices to the internet and to other gadgets, especially in today’s continued growth for IoT products and services. Malicious attackers take opportunities in taking advantage of loopholes and unseen access opportunities to bring down networks, crippling infrastructures, and pillage through customer private information. Start securing the interoperability between devices and networks without having any inherent risks to your products and services.

Exposed surfaces are crippling uninterrupted services

From the Mirai Botnet case to the common unauthenticated user access which allows attackers to then access multiple user information through the open-access firmware networks. Why take the necessary avoidable risks? Talk to us for a copy of our analysis report of your IoT device and mobile application security condition. We at SecIron have over 10 years of experience in providing secured solutions for IoT services and devices.

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