SecIron on CIO Outlook about Innovating Security in Mobile App Development

Innovating Security in Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have transformed virtually every aspect of our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we work and play. We are dependent on them for our daily needs, from shopping and paying bills to ordering food and everything in between. In fact, the growth in mobile device usage over the past decade has been extraordinary, a trend further fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with millions of mobile apps being downloaded every day, businesses and individuals alike are now probably more exposed to mobile app security threats than ever before.

A New Wave of Security Threats and Issues

The mobile environment continues to rapidly evolve, and so have the security threats. The 2022 Verizon Mobile Security Index report revealed that 45% of the organisations surveyed had experienced a mobile-related security incident that resulted in data loss, downtime or other negative consequences. So whether you’re an app developer or stakeholder, there’s a clear need to be vigilante of the numerous risks and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Among the mobile security threats prevalent in Asia today are remote access scams where fraudsters gain remote access to the victim’s device and, ultimately, their bank account or private details; phishing apps that trick victims into divulging their account login information; and the hijacking of OTPs (One-Time Passwords) sent by banks through SMS. Other common scam tactics include cloning or tampering with existing apps for malicious purposes; as well as using keyloggers, unwittingly downloaded by victims, to steal sensitive information such as passwords and business data.

Why are mobile apps so vulnerable to security threats? Well, there are myriad reasons. For one, high-value mobile apps become susceptible to attacks and breaches when they are running in an untrusted environment. Take for instance, an enterprise app running on an employee’s own personal device. It’s impossible for companies to know exactly what that employee has downloaded on their device.

Securing the Success of Mobile Apps

As mobile device usage becomes even more widespread, mobile app developers and owners will need to prioritise security throughout the Application Development Life Cycle (ADLC). Investing in the right security measures early on will ensure that your app is safe and secure to use—saving you time, money and future headaches.

When developing a mobile app, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the end-users’ security needs and carefully consider all its security requirements. Being aware of the different types of mobile security threats and how they can be mitigated will go a long way in making the app more secure and reliable.

With the unprecedented rise in cyberattacks, the need for end-to-end mobile app security has never been greater. Utilise DevSecOps to ensure security initiatives are integrated at every stage of the ADLC to deliver robust and secure mobile apps. As Asia’s leading mobile app security provider, SecIron is committed to guiding our clients towards the best security solutions for their business. To this end, we offer a unique suite of solutions to help implement DevSecOps practices across the development life cycle.

Dynamic Security Solutions

Designed to secure apps from start to finish, SecIron solutions work seamlessly to protect businesses while also protecting app users from nefarious parties. Every solution is customised to our clients’ specific needs.

To demonstrate the impact of our solutions in a real-world situation, here is an interesting case study. Our client, a large bank, was having an issue with hackers using HTTPS Hijacking to bypass their app’s identity verification system and steal sensitive user data. Leveraging our proprietary solutions, we detected that the app had been compromised and promptly responded by blocking the attacks and implementing real-time alerts on the server side. The result? A total of 2.5 million devices were monitored with 30,000 deemed offensive high-risk devices. More than 130,000 attacks were detected, of which 99.67% were HTTPS hijacking-related incidents.

A Holistic Approach to Mobile App Security

IronSCAN mobile application security assessment platform allows developers to instantly scan mobile apps for vulnerabilities within minutes. It can be used to perform static and dynamic testing. IronSCAN also provides remediation for vulnerabilities. Its enterprise-wide security compliance reporting capability helps improve risk management and IT governance.

IronWALL defends apps against known and unknown threats. It can be used to protect an app’s authentication algorithm. This robust solution lets developers encrypt data storage, source codes and other content to protect apps without source code changes. It prevents apps from running in an unsafe environment such as a root/jailbreak or emulator environment. It also protects against runtime attacks such as hook attacks, injection attacks, debugging attacks, etc.

IronSKY delivers proactive monitoring and response with unified insights. An all-in-one monitoring and defence solution that promptly analyses the data to detect threats as early as possible. In addition to keeping track of cyberattacks on the app, this real-time system records the details for further analysis and investigation.

IronGATE verifies and authenticates digital identities with user access management. It is designed to better manage user credentials and authentications. The solution also eliminates SMS OTP hijacking by verifying users with multi-factor authentication. A secure and safe environment is enabled by securing critical data in mobile apps with mobile security technologies.

We understand that in-app protection is crucial to preserve and improve business reputation. When mobile apps are attacked, businesses observe irreversible consequences. At SecIron, we ensure the production of mobile applications from invasions of hackers by using cutting-edge security solutions and playing our part in making the online world a safer and more secure place.

– SecIron COO, Nicole Ban

At SecIron, we take pride in providing full lifecycle mobile app security solutions with best-in-class features to our ever-growing roster of clients. With more than a decade of experience serving brands across a multitude of industries, we are well positioned to be the partner you need to take your mobile app security to the next level.


Source: APAC CIO Outlook