Third-party Payment Company

A Europe global developer and vendor of open digital payment solution has faced challenge in Android mobile application security risk. SecIron has helped to protect their mobile application and SDK then passed the penetration test with good result.

A Korean Gaming Company

One of the top 5 gaming company in South Korea is constantly facing game cracking and cheating issue. It causes them revenue loss. SecIron has helped to protect their game such that hackers find it difficult to hack and give

One of Top Bank in Taiwan

SecIron's code-less innovative security solutions provided a quick, hassle-free and time-to-market solution for one of the Top Banks in Taiwan.

SecIron Ties up With CyberSecurity Malaysia to Boo...

SecIron announced a strategic alliance with Cybersecurity Malaysia (CSM) to boost awareness about the importance of securing mobile applications and IoT systems among businesses in Malaysia.