Malware Protection for Mobile Applications

Mobile Threat Defense and Management for All Endpoints

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives, both personally and professionally. However, this increased reliance on mobile devices has also made them a prime target for cyberthreats targeting mobile apps. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of mobile malware attacks, and the sophistication of these attacks is also on the rise. Mobile malware can take many forms, and attackers are constantly developing new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps. SecIron provides a comprehensive mobile app security solution that helps businesses manage, secure, and monitor their mobile apps for potential threats such as malware, vulnerabilities, and other risks. The solutions combine advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities to provide businesses with the tools they need to protect their users’ data and devices from the latest mobile security threats.

Safeguarding Your Mobile Applications

SecIron’s mobile apps security solution uses a cutting-edge techniques to detect and block malware.

Signature-Based Detection: SecIron includes a large database of known malware signatures which ensures that SecIron can protect users from even the latest malware threats. These signatures are unique identifiers for specific malware threats. When a mobile app is downloaded or launched, SecIron compares the app’s signature to the signatures in its database. If the app’s signature matches a known malware signature, it blocks the app. 

Behaviour-Based Detection: SecIron’s behavior-based detection monitors the behavior of mobile apps to identify suspicious activity. This can include things like accessing sensitive data without permission, accessing sensitive settings and permissions or exhibiting unusual network activity. If SecIron detects suspicious behavior in a mobile app, it may block the app or alert the user, even the most sophisticated and targeted malware attacks. For example, SecIron can detect malware that attempts to:

  • Steal personal data: SecIron can detect malware that attempts to steal personal data, such as contact information, financial information, and passwords.
  • Take over the device: SecIron can detect malware that attempts to take over the device, such as malware that locks the device or installs other malware apps.

Featured Highlights

  • Advanced Anti-Malware: SecIron’s mobile security solution uses a combination of cloud-assisted threat intelligence, signature-based detection and behavior-based detection to detect and block malware and other risks.
  • Flexible Policy Enforcement: SecIron tailors and deploys app protection policies to meet the specific needs of your business and apps, while also ensures compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: SecIron provides flexible deployment options to meet the needs of any business, whether you prefer a SaaS solution for agility and scalability or an on-premises solution for strict regulatory compliance, we got your back.
  • Centralized Management: SecIron provides a single, centralized management platform for all mobile security and management tasks, making it easy to manage your mobile security solution from one place.
  • Codeless Integration and Implementation: SecIron solutions are designed to be easy to integrate into your existing security infrastructure, with no coding required. This means that you can get up and running quickly and easily and protect apps from cyberattacks, without having to worry about complex integrations or expensive development costs.
  • Real-Time Protection: SecIron leverages next-generation threat protection and machine learning to detect, prevent, and respond to current and emerging mobile security threats in real time, allowing businesses to block and identify apps that poses potential security risks.

Benefits of SecIron’s Malware Protection Solution

  • Reduce risk of data breaches and other security incidents: SecIron’s mobile app security solution uses comprehensive and proactive protection techniques to help businesses reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents by protecting mobile apps from a wide range of risky apps such as malware and other threats via Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) in real-time.
  • Improve visibility and control: SecIron provides centralized visibility and control over all mobile devices and applications, making it easier to identify and respond to security threats.
  • Reduce cost and complexity: SecIron’s mobile app security solution can help businesses reduce costs and complexity by streamlining mobile security, app management, and data protection into a single solution.

SecIron’s mobile app security solution helps businesses to safeguard mobile apps and the sensitive data while simultaneously addressing critical areas of mobile security to ensure that mobile apps are secure from a wide range of threats.

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