SecIron Ties up With CyberSecurity Malaysia to Boost Mobile App Security

SecIron announced a strategic alliance with Cybersecurity Malaysia (CSM) to boost awareness about the importance of securing mobile applications and IoT systems among businesses in Malaysia.

The pandemic has especially resulted in most businesses going online which puts end users’ data and information at risk if the company has fragile cybersecurity measures.

CSM witnessed a total of 7,765 cybersecurity incidents that was reported in the first eight months of 2020.

To that end, SecIron’s formation of a strategic alliance with CSM is aimed to enhance close collaboration on the latest trends of mobile and IoT cybersecurity threats and the latest technology developments in this domain.

In addition to that, SecIron and CSM will work closely to raise awareness on mobile application security and data protection as well as to promote industry’s best practices for companies to mitigate the impact of cyber attacks.

SecIron is a mobile application and IoT security solutions company based in Tokyo, Japan providing services across 10 countries in Asia, and has recently expanded its operational center here in Petaling Jaya.

With its team of specialists, the company continuously develops future-proof mobile application and IoT security solutions that are easy to implement through a codeless, holistic approach to safeguard both businesses and individuals from mobile threats.

SecIron has been providing its solutions across multiple verticals including the financial services industry (banks, e-wallets, and insurance) as well as healthcare and gaming.


Anwer Yusoff

Businesses want to find the right partner that can offer a complete end-to-end solution, one that not only offers the best security products, but also provides the most value-added and innovative services that can add to their bottom line and ultimately, improve their customer experience and protect critical apps and data.

This is why SecIron’s role is crucial to our country as they are the leading experts in securing critical applications and IoT systems.

said Anwer Yusoff, Head of Partnerships at CSM.

SecIron will kickstart this collaboration by providing their mobile AppSec services and IoT security solutions for Malaysian enterprises, government agencies, and SMEs under CSM’s various programmes.

This will enable businesses to start securing business-critical apps, services, data information and improve IoT risk management with end-to-end security based on the latest cryptographic encryption technology that ensures both businesses and individuals are protected.


Nicole Ban

We are very excited about this collaboration. SecIron can benefit from CyberSecurity Malaysia know-how, and it will become a great step forward for companies in Malaysia with the added consultancy services provided by SecIron as part of the collaboration with CSM towards our aim in providing the best-in-market technology solutions to Malaysian businesses,


said Nicole Ban, COO of SecIron.

She added that the development of the Mobile AppSec and IoT Security solutions will be promoted across Malaysia through various training and roundtable initiations.


Under this partnership, CyberSecurity Malaysia will also help strengthen our position in the cybersecurity industry as we look to develop more innovative and resilient services needed to protect businesses in this new wave of digitalisation,

added Nicole.