SecIron’s IronWALL’s mobile apps security solution provides both static and dynamic security hardening coupled with Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) features. By deploying IronWALL’s innovative solution, our gaming client successfully prevented unwanted activities from occurring, improving the entire gaming experience, and elevating gamers Trust.



The Gaming Developer

Our client is a top 5 gaming company in South Korea that is repeatedly fighting off game cracking and cheating issues due to hackers and cheaters. The lack of security and the rise in gameplay abuse has directly affected their revenue and reputation, and something must be done to save the business from further losses.

A Hacked Gaming Mobile App

The mobile gaming industry has always faced many problems ranging from game cracking, cheating frameworks, intellectual property leakage and game engine security risks. Even with frequent patches, hackers worldwide will continue to post the updated version or their cracks and cheats on the same day. This battle not only runs the risk of overextending the development team to focus on constant security fixes, but it is also financially draining the company from current and future revenue. This is where SecIron was contacted to see if we can provide a permanent solution.

How SecIron Provided Dynamic Security Solutions

SecIron’s approach to the multitude of game hacking and cheating problems was to provide the game application with much need encryption on their key resource files. We also provided hardening services for not only the application as whole but also the game engine itself. This led to a significant amount of protection from data leaks. In addition, we also provided dynamic protection against debugging, severely limiting the hacking capabilities to exploit the game.


Better Gaming, More Excitement

Today our client has developed multiple profitable games that have continued to use SecIron security to secure their mobile gaming products. After hardening the games developed by our client, they have reportedly experienced zero attacks on their games and even a public notice from hacking group forums that our client’s games are no longer available for cracks and hacks. SecIron has been able to retain the game’s integrity and its player base, indirectly helping our client grow their fanbase and reputation as a solid mobile games’ developer.