SecIron’s code-less innovative security solutions provided a quick, hassle-free and time-to-market solution for one of the Top Banks in Taiwan. By partnering with SecIron, the bank was able to reduce on their overall mobile banking app development cost, able to comply to Taiwan Supervisory Commission (TSC) regulations standards for mobile app banking as well as deliver the mobile app to market without any setbacks.



Meeting Central Bank Digital Banking Regulations

Security is paramount for any bank, and mobile security is no different. With strict regulations imposed by the Taiwan Supervisory Commissioner to comply with such as GDPR, PCI DSS and more, our Tier 1 Capital bank client realized that they needed help and expert advice on how best to deploy their mobile application with the necessary security required.


Build It or Let The Experts Handle It

Our client realized that their development team for their new banking mobile application lacks the security expertise to implement the necessary security protocols needed to comply with Taiwan’s Central Bank and FSC standards. A delay of this magnitude will look bad on the bank and affect various other plans in motion, such as official launch dates, marketing events, public relation events, and so forth. There are also additional security concerns as the application’s security is not guaranteed in their users’ hands. This was when they contacted SecIron, Asia’s leading mobile apps security experts.


How SecIron Provided Dynamic Security Solutions

When SecIron was contacted, we immediately listed a security action plan that provided a quick and convenient hardening solution that does not affect their developer’s software cycle for both their Android and iOS. We even provided a 24/7 Risk Management System dashboard so that the bank can monitor the security of their mobile application and react accordingly should it be attacked.


Better Business, Increased Trust

Today thousands of our client’s customers are safely and securely conducting their banking without any interruptions to their banking service. The mobile application was launched in time and without any delays by providing the bank thanks to our hardening solution. The Risk Management System also played a vital role in stopping countless attacks, preventing the loss of money and information leakage, and monitoring the performance of the mobile application to help the developers fix the bugs within the application efficiently.